At Township, winning’s not everything, it’s the only thing

Last week I sat on a panel of moderators on behalf of a student at Veritas Academy in Leola, who was presenting/defending her thesis. The girl, a student athlete, chose as her subject “Coaching Philosophy: Stressing the Importance of Player … Continue reading

If police hit the brakes, will crime increase?

So I have a story in today’s paper/online about President Obama’s decision to ban certain types of military gear from being transferred to local police departments across the country, and some local law enforcement officials’ skeptical view of the … Continue reading

Would the city benefit from a ‘land tax?’

What would happen if you changed the way Lancaster taxes real estate?

The idea of a “land tax” is getting some traction. It was the focus of an April cover story in The Economist; this past week there was … Continue reading

Sure, we need to upgrade our rail lines – but where’s the money coming from?

The Amtrak crash in Philadelphia Tuesday night was horrific and dramatic, and the story continues to unfold today. At least seven are confirmed dead, 200 injured, another dozen still missing/unaccounted for. The engineer was speeding and no one knows … Continue reading

Will Pennsylvania ever end marijuana prohibition?

The Pennsylvania Senate did something sensible yesterday. Well, more or less. But it remains to be seen whether common sense will prevail in the House.

There’s a first time for everything. But I won’t hold my breath – at … Continue reading

East Hempfield Railroad Blues

I should have known.

I heard the train whistle, or horn, or whatever it is, as I was trying to get the kids into the van and the dog into her crate so I could take my daughter to … Continue reading

Teachers’ retirement security is destined to get less secure

I sometimes think I should have been a teacher.

I never even considered it back in the day. Back in the day I was going to be a lawyer, don’t you know. Then I wrote a column for my college … Continue reading

An anti-gun nut goes shooting

So my buddy G texts me a few days ago. Did I want to go shooting?

We’d talked about it a few times. G owns several firearms, likes to go shoot them. But it’s not a whole lot of fun … Continue reading

This looks like breakdown

This one kind of freaks me out. Thomas Edsall in the NYT pointing out that while conservatives have been quick to proclaim that the poverty and other pathologies that stalk Baltimore and other inner cities is due to the failure … Continue reading

Public retirees getting six-figure pensions: Can this continue?

I’m at Central Market yesterday and a gentleman who appeared to know who I was sidles up and says: So, what are we going to do about pensions?

My answer: Not much. Because when you’re talking public pensions, the public … Continue reading