Florida bound

It’s like deja vu. All over again.

About seven months ago, I wrote my final “Smart Remarks” column for LNP’s Sunday newspaper. Today, this will be my final blog post, on my final day with LNP.

After 21 years … Continue reading

If only money grew on trees

So much for that idea:

The Pennsylvania Senate narrowly rejected a measure Monday night to eliminate billions of dollars in school property taxes statewide by replacing the money with increases in state tax rates on sales and income, although … Continue reading

The case for (limited) property taxes

Things fall apart.

On Saturday night, top House Democrats informed rank-and-file members that Republicans had told Wolf, a Democrat, that there isn’t enough GOP support for a state sales tax increase — from 6 percent to 7.25 percent — … Continue reading

More terrorism = more guns

Our photographer who shot a story I did last summer on the huge rise in concealed carry permits here stopped in to make a point:

“I bet gun sales are soaring now,” he said, in the … Continue reading

Wolf wants to welcome Syrian refugees. But what do Pennsylvanians want?

At the car shop for an early-morning oil change and the “Today” show is on, talking about Charlie Sheen. The guy behind the counter remarks that Sheen’s now being celebrated for revealing his HIV status, he’s become a “hero” … Continue reading

A toxic system

Sandra Cooper emailed me a few months back, saying her story was about to go big time.

Cooper’s husband, Gene Cooper, died in a Dallastown nursing home in 2013 after years of suffering from neurological problems – problems, Sandra … Continue reading

What if the Paris terrorists had been Christian?

The smoke hadn’t even cleared from the Bataclan concert hall when the politicization of the Paris attacks began. It’s been in full swing for several days now, with the right calling for more and bigger war in the Mideast, … Continue reading

‘Burger-flippers’ and EMTs; the promise and peril of a higher minimum wage

Curious to see that (only?) a dozen or so people showed up at the minimum wage protest at the McDonalds on North Franklin Street in Lancaster. It was all part of the national campaign to boost the minimum wage … Continue reading

Illiberal liberalism at Mizzou

I don’t know anything about the racial atmosphere on campus at the University of Missouri, I’ve never been there so when activists say they believe a culture of racism has been permitted to exist and that school officials haven’t … Continue reading

Is Wolf getting played on budget deal?

Well, I stand corrected; I was wrong

There’s a first time for everything, I guess.

Last week, and previously, I wrote about Pennsylvania’s ongoing budget showdown, suggesting that Gov. Tom Wolf would never cave on his promise to impose … Continue reading